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the mmsf version of bass, and also the em wave change of solo
the cyber elf that resembles x
antagonist of mmz
lieutenant of sharo’s net saviors
he can become acid ace, and is the satella police commando officer
megaman's dog
male protag of megaman zx
robotic bird created by dr. cossack
netnavi protag of megaman battle network
female character from the cancelled megaman legends 3
wave change of harp and the female lead in mmsf
one of the four guardians - grey leader of the cutting shadow squadron
female lead of mmbn
dr. wily built him to rival megaman
human protag of megaman starforce
mmsf rival who has an alternate personality named rey
one of the four guardians of neo arcadia - green general who controls the rekku garden
non-human protag introduced in megaman zx advent
only female robot master
female protag of megaman zx
shy navigator from mmx8 who had a crush on zero
bass's dog
the alien that encounters the mmsf protag and wave changes with him to become megaman
female lead, genius mechanic who is also megaman's spotter and builds parts for him
the rival to megaman's creator
leader of the guardians, and pressumed to be alouette from the mega man zero games
a robot that will hear x be mentioned a mile away and tear through a minefield to find out whats going on
the lieutenant's netnavi
dr. wily's reploid
classic megaman hero himself
reploid introduced in mmx7
the man who created megaman
the female lead netnavi of mmbn
protag of the megaman legends games
one of the four guardians - red leader of the ground troops, controls the scorched earth squadron
former pop star who lost her mother
president of student council, she develops a crush on megaman
dr. cossack's daughter who gets kidnapped
anti-heroine and air-pirate, she has a crush on megaman
'human' netnavi who ended up having a crush on lan
male character and playable character from the cancelled game megaman legends 3
attack leader of repliforce
future reploid version of megaman
megaman's sister
human female protag of megaman zx advent
human protag of megaman battle network
young girl who who built a copy of a certain reploid at 6 years old
the third navigator of mmx8
netnavi who formed a team to stop nebula
the 'roll' of megaman x and also the navigator of megaman x5
the isolated rival's netnavi
former male reploid who serves model w
former female reploid who works to revive model w along with her brother
the navigator of rockman xover
one of the four guardians - blue aquatic commander of the deep sea squadron
netnavi who is ruler of the undernet
independent netnavi created by dr. cossack
isolated rival of mmbn
female robot master (comic only)
the love interest and navigator of zero
megaman's rival brother
reploid protag from rockman xover

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