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Red-haired main character
Brown-haired main character
Cece's Brother
Rocky's Brother
Ty, Cece and Rocky's friend
Host of Shake it Up
Frenemies of Cece and Rocky
Where does Shake it Up take place?
What school do Cece and Rocky go to?
What piece of clothing does Ty wear in almost every episode?
What did Rocky and 'The Complication' do to their vice-principal's office?
What was Flynn's fish's name?
Who always beats Rocky in everything?
What is Mrs. Jones' job?
Where did Flynn really want to go on vacation?
What are Cece and Rocky's families taking on their trip?
How much money do Cece and Rocky make a week?
How much money does Ty get for taking Tinka on a date?
Where do Ty and Tinka go on their date?
What does Cece make for her science fair project?
What is Cece's mom's first name?
What does Gunther have a backup have in his sock?
Who does Flynn think is in his kitchen cabinet?
Why didn't Ty want to be on Shake it Up?
Who does Flynn have a crush on?

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