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Envelope crystals, caused by increased urine pH
Decreased renal blood flow causes tubular ischemia
Oligohydramnios leading to lung hypoplasia
Inherited defect in NaCl transporter in DCT
Incomplete bladder emptying, leakage with overfilling
Found in pelvis, trapped by IMA
Global defect with PCT resorption
Overactive bladder, leakage with urge to void immediately
Mass with central scar, eosinophilic cells, no perinuclear clearing
Upper/Lower respiratory symptoms, crescents, PR3-ANCA, no IF deposits
ureteric bifurcation or doubling, increased UTI risk
Toxic necrosis of tubular epithelial cells in PCT
eosinophilic nodular glomerulosclerosis (Kimmelstiel Wilson)
Associated with gout, not seen on Xray
Suprapubic pain, dysuria, positive urine nitrites
Congo red stain, apple green birefringence
Tram track deposits, 2nd type due to C3 nephritic factor
Malignancy of PCT cells, clear cytoplasm
Flank pain, WBC casts, neutrophils in interstitium
Decreased renal blood flow, increased BUN/creatinine ratio
Inherited defect in Na/K/2Cl transporter
Outlet incompetence, leakage with increased abdominal pressure
Painless hematuria, caused by cyclophosphamide, phenacetin, aniline dyes
Sporadic defect, nonfunctional kidney made of cysts, connective tissue
Diffuse GBM thickening, spike and dome pattern on EM
Sloughing of necrotic papilla, caused by diabetes, sickle cell, NSAIDs
Secondary hyperPTH due to decreased Vitamin D production
Wedge shaped crystals, caused by hypocitraturia
Painless hematuria, caused by chronic S. haematobium infection
Hematuria, arthralgias, rash, GI distress
Defective PCT bicarbonate reuptake, hypokalemia, acidosis
Mesangial proliferation, IgA deposits on IF
Found in children, contains embryonic tissue, found in Beckwith-Wiedemmann
Forms staghorn calculi, caused by urease positive bacteria
Flank pain, eosinophilic casts, thyroidization of tubules
Cortical infarction caused by DIC from obstetric issues
Crescents, MPO-ANCA, no IF deposits
Cysts in cortex and medulla, seen with aneurysms and mitral valve prolapse
Increased urine pH, acidosis, nonfunctional collecting tubule cells
Caused by PCT amino acid transporter defect, seen in children
Tubulointerstitial fibrosis, unable to concentrate urine, poor prognosis
Bilateral outflow tract obstruction, increased FENa
Coca cola urine, subepithelial humps, hypercellular glomeruli
Wire loop capillaries, caused by SLE
Common in kids, effaced podocytes, responds to steroids
Cystic dilation of collecting ducts, can cause oligohydramnios
Hematuria, basket weave GBM, eye/ear pathologies
Hyperkalemia, decreased urine pH, hypoaldosteronism
Linear IF deposits, crescents, anti-GBM antibodies
Inherited defect, constituitively activates ENaC channel
Eosinophils in urine, drug hypersensitivity reaction
Segmental sclerosis of glomeruli, foot process effacement, common in AA/hispanics

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