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Can you name the following video game series by their definitions/meanings?

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DefinitionSeriesOriginal Release
Military duoXB360 / PS3 (2008)
A murderer's beliefXB360 / PS3 (2007)
MeteorsArcade (1979)
Location where wars are decidedPC (2002)
Two opposite ends of the greyscalePC / MAC (2001)
RascalPS2 (2006)
The urge to serve in the militaryPC (2003)
The organization of human beingsPC (1991)
DamnedXB360 (2005)
SatanPC (1996)
Inescapable fatePC (1993)
Radioactive residuesPC (1997)
DreadPC (2005)
Ares or MarsPS2 (2005)
Stealing a carPC (1997)
Measurement of radioactive decayPC (1998)
Angel's auraXBOX (2001)
Dark blue divinationXBOX (2005)
DefinitionSeriesOriginal Release
Abandoned and expected to diePC / XB360 (2008)
Missing celestial bodyXB360 (2006)
Highest military award in the U.S.PSone (1999)
A cog made of tinMSX2 (1987)
FogMAC (1993)
RulerPC / XB360 (2007)
Booby trap!Atari 2600 (1982)
GatewayPC / XB360 / PS3 (2007)
Male royalty from IranApple II (1989)
TremorPC (1996)
Group of popular musiciansXB360 / PS3 / PS2 (2007)
A quiet moundPSone (1999)
Reproductive structure of a fungusPC (2008)
RobberPC (1998)
Archeological thiefSega Saturn / PSone / PC (1996)
Never mappedPS3 (2007)
FakePC (1998)

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