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Can you name the geometry terms for each letter of the alphabet?

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DefinitionTerm Letter
For a triangle, it's one-half base times height; for a square it is a side squaredA
Line or segment which splits another segment or angle into two equal partsB
A pair of angles that together add up to 90 degreesC
A line segment that goes from one point on a circle to another, through its centerD
An angle of a polygon created by extending one of the sides E
A self-similar figure, such as the Mandelbrot setF
An arc or full circle on a sphere that shares its center with a sphereG
The longest side, which is opposite the 90° angle, in a right triangleH
A triangle that has (at least) two equal or congruent sidesI
A quadrilateral with two sets of congruent, adjacent sidesK
DefinitionTerm Letter
A set of all points that have the same positional constraintL
Line segment connecting a vertex of a triangle with the midpoint of the opposite sideM
A figure with nine sides and nine internal anglesN
Term for any angle between 90 and 180 degreesO
The distance around a plane figure or the sum of all of the sides of a polygonP
One of 4 regions on the Cartesian plane as determined by the axesQ
A quadrilateral with four equal sides and perpendicular diagonalsR
A pair of angles that together add up to 180 degreesS
A quadrilateral in which a pair of opposite sides are parallel to each otherT
The corner point of a polygon or where the two segments of an angle meetV

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