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Can you name the words containing two sets of double letters?

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AAlarming, horrifying
BAn inflatable rubber sac
CA popular caffeinated drink
DAn exercise bar with weights on both ends
ETo abash and cause discomfort to someone
FA peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich
GA popular razor brand; stadium near Boston
HSpooky holiday of tricks and treats
IUnlawfully; illicitly
JA singing, soporific pokémon
KA laughing Australian bird
LNorwegian city, host of the 1994 Olympics
MA thousand years
OAn eccentric, nutty person
POwnership; control
RA small mammal whose fur is often made into a hunter's cap
SAttaining a desired outcome; a brand of rice
TTiling; a mosaic
UCapital of Mongolia
VA sport often played on sand that uses the phrase 'bump, set, spike!'
WHairy or furry; a type of mammoth
YA coward
ZOne who tends to caged animals

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