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Can you name the the names of Disney characters that are barely named in the film, if at all?

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Maleficent's pet ravenSleeping Beauty
Cinderella's evil stepmotherCinderella
Any of the Lost BoysPeter Pan
Nickname of the evil proprietor of Pleasure IslandPinocchio
Merlin's pet owlThe Sword in the Stone
All three of Muntz's pack of evil talking dogsUp
Pacha's two childrenThe Emperor's New Groove
Full name of retiring racer nicknamed 'The King'Cars
The medicine man of the Powhatan tribePocahontas
Robin Hood's minstrel, a rooster who helps narrate the filmRobin Hood
Belle's horseBeauty and the Beast
Last name of the human commander of the AxiomWALL-E
Name of the lawyer who helps Madame Adelaide write her willAristocats
Prince Eric's majordomo and elderly companionThe Little Mermaid
The beaver who helps Tramp remove Lady's muzzleLady and the Tramp
All three gargoyles of Notre DameThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
The leader of the band of crowsDumbo
Names of Hades two clumsy agentsHercules
Captain of the Guard in the Sultan's palaceAladdin
Last name of the owner of Al's Toy BarnToy Story 2
Loud, comical brother of HopperA Bug's Life

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