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Can you name the answers to these sample problems from high school mathematics classes?

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Find 'x': 3x + 2y = 9; 4x - 4y = 2 ?Algebra I
(x2 + 6x + 8)/(x + 4) = ?Algebra I
Measure of an interior angle of a regular pentagon = ?Geometry I
Hypotenuse of a right triangle with bases of length 7 and 24 = ?Geometry I
Zeroes of the function x2 + 5x - 6 = ?Algebra II
Simplify [3/(x + 5)] + [12/(x2+6x+5)] ?Algebra II
limn→∞ [1 + 1/n]n = ?Precalculus
[sin(x) + cos(x)]2 - sin(2x) = ?Precalculus
d/dx [23x2 - 53x + 43.4] = ?Calculus
ʃ[6x2 - 6x + 5]dx |2→4 = ?Calculus

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