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Where are Sheldon and Leonard returning from when they first meet Penny?
Complete the quote: 'If you have time to lean...
In which episode does Leonard first try and ask Penny out on a date?
Name two activities Sheldon does when he is fired from his job for being disrespectful.
What is Leslie heard saying when her and Leonard first sleep together?
Complete the quote: 'Homo habilis discovering...
What does Sheldon order when Penny is practising making cocktails?
According to Sheldon, Galileo and who had a misunderstanding?
What is the name of Sheldon's made up cousin who has a drug problem?
Sheldon WAS the youngest person to win what?
After explaining the Munchhausen Trilemma Sheldon gives this reason for moving out: 'I'm moving out because...
Who is the last person to talk to Penny's gaming character Queen Penelope?
What does Sheldon crash into just before he gives up learning to drive?
According to Ramona, how many minutes a day does Sheldon waste waiting in line for food?
What does Sheldon suggest Penny plays in order to get her clothes back off the telephone wire?
Finish the quote: 'Mars Rover, Mars Rover..
What does Sheldon do after Leonard cries in front of Stephanie?
What does Penny buy Leonard for the first Christmas celebrated on the show?
What does Penny do to Howard when she goes round to apologise in the episode with MONTE?
What pick up line does Raj steal of Howard when on the train to San Francisco?
Why do Penny and Leonard have to sleep at Leonard's apartment when they first start dating?
What does Penny make for Sheldon on Oatmeal day?
What do Howard and Bernadette finally connect over on their first date?
How does Sheldon describe Leonard's football jersey?
What does Sheldon believe is the reason for Penny falling in the shower?
What tattoo does Penny have according to Sheldon?
How does Howard describe Bernadette when he accuses Leonard with not being satisfied with the Prom Queen?
What is Sheldon's response to Raj renting the group the four-hour edition of Watchmen?
What job does Sheldon take up when stumped on a difficult physics question?
How many episodes in series three?
How many people does Sheldon calculate Penny has slept with?
What does Sheldon do when him and Penny go for a run?
What is Raj's desk according to Sheldon?
What would you be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis?
Who does Sheldon invent to cover for Leonard spending the night with Priya?
What does Sheldon offer Howard as an apology for telling the FBI about the Mars Rover?
What does Sheldon name the bird that he be-friended?
What was the name of Leonard's high-school bully that comes to him for help?
What nick-name do the other astronauts give to Howard?
Name three of the four pieces of gossip Amy and Sheldon spread.
How does Leonard convince Penny to go paintballing with them?
What does Amy draw on her finger at the wedding she takes Leonard to?
Name one of the three things the dice tell Sheldon to order at the Cheesecake Factory
Where does Leonard take Sheldon and his mom when she decided she doesn't want to cook for Sheldon?
Where does Sheldon hide to scare Leonard on Halloween?
How does Stuart ask Amy out? Text, Phone call or In the comic book store?
What does Sheldon buy Amy in order to apologise for not celebrating her accomplishment?
What does he buy himself?
What does Amy ask Sheldon to do which causes him to complain 'It's way too bubbly'?
Name Sheldon's first cat, when he breaks up with Amy.

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