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Can you name the Digestive System?

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HintAnswerFirst Letter
Plays a Role in Fighting in FectionA
The Liver Produces ThisB
The Blind End of the Large IntestineC
The First 25 cm of the Small IntestineD
Hard Outer Covering on the TeethE
Indigestible RemainsF
Bile is Stored HereG
Burning Pain Rising into the Throat H
The Teeth Used for 'Cutting' FoodI
Gastric Glands Produce Gastric ______J
Element Name for PottasiumK
Digests FatL
HintAnswerFirst Letter
Digestion Begins HereM
When Swallowing the Soft Palate closes of thisN
The Opening Through Which Food is TakenO
Digests ProteinP
The last 20 cm of the Large IntestineR
Thick-walled, J-shaped OrganS
Part of the Colon That Crosses the Abdominal Cavity T
An Open Sore in the Stomach LiningU
Small Finger-like projections in Small IntestineV
The Large Intestine Absorbs Vitamins, Salts, and ______W
Bile is Mainly This ColourY

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