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Some fun trivia about heart attacks (MI)

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Technical term for the death of cardiac tissue due to sudden deprivation of circulating blood
A heart attack that is not recognized in people who experience 'soft signs'
Name one of the three groups of people who commonly experience soft signs
A form of cardiovascular disease marked by a narrowing of the arteries in the heart & other parts of the body
MI results from plaque build-up in which blood vessels?
Most prominent symptom of a heart attack
Pain in chest may radiate where?
Where else?
An anti-clotting agent administered to MI patients that will reduce the formation of a clot in the coronary artery
Contraindication for the above: Ask if patient has ______, or any significant ________
MI can lead to _______ ______, so be prepared to perform CPR
A condition occurring when the heart needs more oxygen-rich blood than it is getting, resulting in chest pain; usually lasts LESS than 10 mins
Administered to patients with the above condition
Contraindication for the above: Patient must not have taken any medication for ________ ___________ in the past 48 hours
Oh no! Your patient is going into shock! What do you do?!
To care for an MI patient: activate ___ immediately, monitor _____ signs, ______ tight clothing, and help patient rest comfortably
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