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Can you name the Can you name the modern epic tv couples??

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 He was just lonely boy, she was the it-girl.. he finally got his chance to be with his high school crush once she returned from boarding school
 These two have a love/hate relationship, he a drug addict and she his boss, they are one of those couples that if they ever get together, they would never work
 These co-workers have been dancing around each for 4 years, have shared tender moments, even were disguised as married assasins.. and they seemed pretty good at it too!
 We havent exactly met the other half of this couple yet, we wont really find out til the end of the show since the premise of the show is to find her
 These two had a on and off relationship for 10 years.. he has been in love with her since high school.. but to her he was the just the brother of her fat bestfriend
 A prime example of a couple that consists of the boy and his bestfriend's girl... these two fell for each other after the boy's bestfriend suffered a tragic football accident.. they found comfort with each other.. and led to much more
 One of the most epic teen couples ever, these two love strip clubs, limos and butteflies...but admitting their love for each other took long for the womanizer and queen b
 Best friends for years.. but found love over seas.. at her brothers wedding
 A great example for love between a womanizer and a commitment-phobe... these two got together after she buildt sandcastles in the sand
 10 years of love... meeting at the first day of college.. love at first sight.. these two often deal with their best friend's love troubles to find his soulmate
 A geek and the beauty... he has been in love with her for years.. and she started to notice him once someone new came to town. She wishes she was a mermaid.
 A truly epic love.. between a psychotic jackass and awesome teenage detective

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