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Can you name all the marvel comics characters in 20 minutes

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Man in a machine
A man out of time
a god who wields a hammer
teenager bitten by an arachnid
massive green beast
small rodent like animal with 3 claws
leader of the X-men
weather god was married to a panther
teleporting devil
planet eater
assemble the infinity gauntlet
very accurate
merc with a mouth
sorcerer supreme
vibranium king
cap's best friend
flying bird man
ultron's son
hank pym's son
reality warper mutant
iron man's successor
king of wakanda's sister
blue fur ball of the X-men
mutant extremist
man on fire
wife of the smartest man in marvel
reenact anything to perfection
Russia's super soldier
living religion
guardian eampath
leader of the guardians
the destroyer
deadliest woman alive
not a raccoon
tree that can talk
space Jesus
smartest man alive
rock monster
best archer in marvel
wife of ironman in armor
fastest man in marvel
steal your power
king of the inhumans
queen of the inhumns
heir to the inhumans
dog of the inhumans
phase through walls
Russian metal man
unbreakable skin
the man with the glowing fist
the man without fear
who collects the 10 rings
the greatest martial artist
private investigator with an attitude
shape shifting mutant
Im the ? bitch
coldest x man
ruler of the dark dimension
ruler of the dream dimension
octopus man
man that is a reptile
an man who dresses like an animal with a horn
electric man
space warrior who goes Binary
Pakistani superhero in new jersey
spiderman's green pest
master of illusions
hob version of spiderman's green pest
red symbiote
king of crime
leader of hydra
purple balaclava
space cop
giant green space dragon
ruler of latveria
observer of the earth
herald of galactus
exploding cards and bo staff
daredevil's girlfriend
shrinking man
shrinking woman
hank pym's second identity
cousin to bruce banner
director of shield
nick fury's right hand
hawkeye's wife
wolverines nemesis
wolverines clone
wolverines son
tony's best friend
likes to experiment on mutants
first mutant
wants to hunt down the hulk
peter parker's first girlfriend
peter parker's second girlfriend
founder of the Xmen
brain of the kree
the accuser
the pursuer
marvels catwoman
cyclop's son from the future
jean and scotts daughter
the ice queen
son of the devil
the devil himself
time traveling villain
leader of aim
hulks nemesis
absorb the material around him
smartest hulk villain
thor's estranged brother
flying original member of the xmen
dr stranges mentor
Russian spy turned avenger
vampire hunter
living vampire
the murderous hero
crazy marvel version of batman
very fat mutant
Britain's version of the super soldier
a villain who poses as other characters
mutant pop star
luckiest mutant
a duck that can talk
marvels version of cyborg
asgardian villain who is in love with thor
galactus fears the boy
took a symbiote to become a superhero
spirit of vengeance
superman of marvel who is shy
goddess of death
controller of the bi-frost
daily bugle
hunter of spiders
stops mutants powers
spiderman's mother figure
spiderman's father figure
leader of moles under the earth
the all father
daughter of magneto
miles morale's uncle
captain britain's japenese sister
shield agent who studies superheroes
evil mutant who controls fire
a black 13 year old boy and a super soldier's body
spiderman's sand foe
captain america's modern day girlfriend
ex-hydra agent turned spider hero
spiderman's foe who has powerful gauntlets
skrull with all the powers of the fantastic 4
amphibian mutant
horse faced alien who is worthy
first speedster at marvel
warrior women from asgard
tv screen showing a face on the chest of a human
banner's girlfriend who got hulk power
hunts spidermen across the multiverse
evil brother of the inhumans
wakandan tribe ruler who wants the throne
hungers for vibranium
jealous of tony stark
mob boss with a big head
leader of the squadron supreme
man who can grow big
living planet
knight throughout the ages
mutant who absorbs energy and disperses it
rick jones gets gamma powers
leader of a wave of destruction
hates symbitoes but is one himself
marvels riddler
greek god of war
norman osbourne dressed as a hero
the white part of the duo
the dark part of the duo
bruce banner's therapist
man with a egg shape head
embodiment of the universe itself
enchantress's executioner
female leader of hydra
villains go to technology expert
female demon hunter
sister of colossus
evil version of reed richards from another dimension
leader of the dark elves
swamp monster
leader of the wrecking crew
female symbiote
wife of Corvus
leader of the black order
muscle of the black order
manipulator of the black order
mindless creatures from the dark dimension
black and white villain who also has hypnosis
controls molecules at subatomic levels
drax's daughter
mutant who can generate multiple versions of himself
shield agent who has earthquake based powers
a robotic clone of thor made by reed, hank and tony
a boy who can transform into different dinosaurs
falcon's bird
a single ninja with many people who have taken the mantle
a mutant who can make anything

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