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hintanswerhelpful info
Come Down _____ _____ 2 words
Hey _______ 1 word
_______ ___ ___September3 words
The _______ 1 word
'Every clock is ticking faster...'5 words
'You and me and the palm trees...'9 words
'When I fall down...'8 words
What are the names of their cds that have/are coming out?oldest to newest
What are the names of the guys in the band?alphabetical order (first names only)
Who loves sea otters the most?(first name)
Who has dreads?(first name)
hintanswerhelpful info
Which one is good with the harmonica?(first name)
Who loves hugging people?(first name)
Who is their keyboardist?(first name)
Who used to be in the band?(first name)
What was their name before Allstar Weekend?
What was their name before that?
'I can still see you standing there...'5 words
Who boosts swag?
True or false: Nathan taught himself to play the guitar
Who plays what?alphabetical order

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