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what drug blocks vesicular transport to stop storage of NA
what does hijacking uptake 1 do to NA storage
name an alpha 1 selective direct sympathomimetic
what drugs can work by inhibiting MAO
what is phenoxybenzamine
name an alpha 1 selective antagonist
what sympathetic effect does the alpha 2 receptor have
what can phenoxybenzamine and phentolamine cause
what receptor does tizanidine inhibit
what % of NA released is reclaimed via uptake 1
what enzyme degrades tyramine
what cells in adrenal medulla release adrenaline and NA
what is prazosin used to treat
what receptor is part of a negative feedback system
what are drugs that hijack uptake 1 called
what is the target of a-methyl-p-tyrosine
what are labetalol and carvedilol
what effect does activating the alpha 1 receptor have
what enzyme breaks down NA
what is salbutamol used to treat
what receptor does salbutamol have highest efficacy for
what is the final metabolic product of NA
what drug blocks uptake 1
what does sympathetic stimulation do to vessels in skeletal muscle and liver
what process do some antidepressants inhibit
what is tizanidine used as
what is ephedrine used to treat
what do non selective blockers do to BP
what does the SNS do to gut motility
what is phentolamine
what does sympathetic stimulation do to most blood vessels
is isoprenaline beta or alpha selective agonist
what effect does activating the beta 2 receptor have
what is the consequence of the cheese reaction (tyramine + MAOI)
is NA more effective on alpha or beta receptors
is adrenaline more likely to go through uptake 1 or 2
what class are amphetamines, tyramine and ephedrine
what stage does Guanethidine block
what are fatigue, bad circulation, bronchoconstriction, and cardiac failure side effects for
what is phenylephrine used to treat (2 things)
what is a side effect of alpha blockers
what is the target of Carbidopa
what effect does activating the beta 1 receptor have
what are drugs that act on adrenergic receptors called

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