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QUIZ: Can you name the Smooth Muscle Drugs?

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PGI2 analogue
non-PGI2 analogue treatment of pulmonary hypertension
treat hypertension in white under 55s
Inhibit bradykinin breakdown
non selective Ca2+ channel blocker
what tocolytic blocks oxytocin receptors
common name for sildenafil
what receptors does ritodrine stimulate
NO donors
NO target
treated using amlodipine
beta 3 agonist for urinary incontinence
what do tocolytics suppress
muscarinic antagonist for urinary incontinence
effect of PDE5 inhibitors on smooth muscle
use of PGI2 analogues
what increases in the cell with beta 2 stimulation
PDE5 inhibitor
receptor target of ambrisentan (antagonist)
vascular selective Ca2+ channel blocker
effect of NO donors
Block angiotensin II production
M receptor selectivity order (high to low) of oxybutynin
What are ACE inhibitors used to treat
Block AT1 receptors
what effect does stimulation of cAMP have on smooth muscle
treatment for pulmonary hypertension

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