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what class of drug affects the entire autonimic nervous system
what class of drug is pilocarpine
which ACh receptor is Gi/o linked
what does Hysocine block
what effects does activating M3 have on blood vessels
what is does Bethanicol stimulate
what class of drug are Trimetaphan and Hexamethonium
what class of drug is lobeline
what is edrophonium used to test for
what are tubocurarine, pancuronium and atracurium
what does atropine do to the pupils
side effect of muscarinic antagonists
what is Hyoscine used for clinically
what effect does stimulating M3 have on smooth muscle
what class of drug is Bethanechol
how long does it take to recover from nerve gas (to synthesise new enzyme)
what drug can reactivate BChE to treat nerve gas poisoning
is phosphorylation of the esteratic site on AChE reversible or irreversible
what is Tolterodine used to treat
what effect does activating M2 have on heart rate
what do dyflos and parathion do to AChE
what effect do NMJ nicotinic antagonists have
what is pilocarpine used to treat
are ganglionic and NMJ NAChR structurally similar
what do people with nerve gas/insecticide poisoning die of
what do M1, M3 and M5 have in common
what property does Hyoscine have that makes it useful
what class of drug is Ecothiopate
what % of choline is recaptured
what is used for controlled hypotension in surgery
what are Atropine, Hyoscine, Ipratropium & Tolterodine
roughly how long must ACh travel in the synapse
what class of drugs cause decreased HR/CO & increased peristalsis/secretions/sweating
what is pyridostigmine used to treat
what anticholinesterase binds to the anionic site

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