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do loop diuretics cause an increase or decrease of blood volum
name a type 1 K+ sparing diuretic
what type of condition are loop diuretics used for
is the fall in cardiac output created by thiazides transient or lasting
what ATPase does blocking ENaC indirectly affect
what do thiazide diuretics do to blood pressue
what class of drug is Bendroflumethiazide
side effect of loop diuretics (Na+)
do K+ sparing diuretics have high or low efficacy
what type of K+ sparing diuretic antagonises aldosterone
what is Spironolactone used to treat
what type of diuretic blocks ENaC (epithelial sodium channel)
what class of drug makes the kidney lose ability to create hypertonic medullary interstitium
what can K+ sparing diuretics prevent that is a side effect of other diuretics
what does aldosterone do to the Na+/K+ pump
what does less K' secretion do to H+ secretion
what does angiotensin II release
what does a reduction of Na+/K+ ATPase action do to K+ secretion
what diuretics cause hypokalaemia, hyperglycaemia and hyperuricaemia
what diuretics block Na+/Cl- transporters in distal tubule
what class of diuretics act in collecting duct
what do thiazide diuretics reduce by unknown mechanism
what condition are thiazide diuretics used for
via what transporter does less K+ secretion affect H+ secretion
name a type 2 K+ sparing diuretic
what type of conditions are heart failure and hepatic cirrhosis
pH side effect of loop diuretics
what does the lack of hypertonic medullary interstitium mean cannot be reabsorbed
what class of drug blocks Na+/K+/2Cl- cotransporters
name a loop diuretic

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