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what chronotropic affect does ivabradine have
thrombolytic drug uses in heart attacks
what does blocking fast Na+ channels prolong (class III)
what drug blocks fast Na+ channels (does not affect SA/AV node
class I antiarrhythmatic
what effect do cardiac glycosides have on the heart
do calcium channel blockers increase or decrease contractile force
what class can be used to treat arrhythmias, heart attacks and angina
what kind of positive effect does dobutamine have
name a beta 1 selective blocker
class IV antiarrhythmatic
what is Dobutamine used to treat
inhibits SA node funny current
antiplatelet drug acting by inhibiting ADP
what kind of drugs are aspirin and clopidrogel?
name a beta 1 and 2 blocker
what can cardiac glycosides cause
what do ectopic sites cause
class II antiarrhythmatic
class III antiarrythmatic
what does an inotrope affect
what class of drug is Atropine
name a cardiac calcium channel blocker
what class of drugs partially block Na/K ATPase
name a beta 1 selective agonist
preload can be lowered using
what effect does nifedine have on blood vessels
what does a chronotrope affect
what are cardiac glycosides used to treat
what drugs reduce cholesterol synthesis in liver
what drug blocks repolarising K+ channels
above what mM is cholesterol a risk factor
name a vascular calcium channel blocker
given during emergency coronary thrombosis
what are Ouabain, Digitalis and Digoxin
what drug is used in emergencies for bradyarrhythmia
what is ivabradine used to treat
COX inhibitor that in turn inhibits aggregation via TXAs

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