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Obviously; a lot; wholly
Up to date
Primary Care Provider
Nearer to the trunk of he body
Status post (after)
Motor vehicle accident/collision
A bruise
History of present illness
Higher on the body, nearer to the head
A segment distal to a joint is bent inward
History and Physical Exam
Pain caused by a pinched nerve
Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug
Degenerative Disc Disease
No acute distress
Family history
Farther from the trunk of the body
Lower on the body, farther from the head
Scrape of the skin due to something abrasive
Bending the joint from the starting position
Past Medical History
Rule out
Range of Motion
Rounded end of a long bone that articulates with another bone
Turning inward toward the body
Pale skin
Right Hand Dominant
Rear or backside of the body
Right Lower Extremity
Bending the joint toward the starting position
Farther from the midline (a line that can be traced from nose to belly-button)
Body lying face down
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Movement toward the midline
Body position lying face up
Within Normal Limits
As needed
Right Upper Extremeity
Cervical Spine (neck)
Rotating inward, usually referring to the subtalar joint
Incision and Drainage
Midsection, or shaft, of a long bone
normal, of not danger to health
Review of Systems
Maximum medical improvement
Nearer to the midline
Left Hand dominant
painful inflammation of the joints
Splitting of the skin due to trauma (a cut due to something sharp)
Last normal mentrual period
Left upper extremity
Formation of new bone in response to injury
Muscular pain, 'muscle aches'
Turning outward from the body
With the elbow flexed 90 degrees, rotating the palm upward
Degenerative Joint Disease
Complains of
Benign tumor, usually near the end of a long bone
A segment distal to a joint is bent outward
Movement from the midline
Low bone mineral deposit
Osteochondritis Dissecans
Long-standing, constant, opposite of acute
With the elbow flexed 90 degrees, rotating the palm downward
Growth plate(s)
new, usually of rapid onset and of concern, opposite of chronic
Left lower extremity
Rotating outward, usually referring to the subtalar joint

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