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QUIZ: Can you name the following questions about Starcraft?

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Raynor's Ship?
What building must you make to make a carrier?
What's Mengsk's first name? (Sr.)
What unit says, 'Acknowledged, HQ'?
Kerrigan traveled to this planet and disappeared.
Ultralisks have _____ blades as weapons. (Its like a roll)
What two units have the Cloak ability? (Terran)
What's Duke's ship?
What units have the consume ability?
Protoss say that they are the _______ of the gods?
What is the ability to go underground? (Zerg)
What's Duke's first name?
What unit says, 'Ready for your sponge bath?'
What do you combine to get Archons?
What fast and tiny unit live in carriers? (Protoss)

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