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There was still a large element of cockroach in her glance, but it said: good little cockroach, you have learned a trick.
‘A bloody good memory is what he ought to have,’ she said. ‘He’ll always remember the words.'
She was an intelligent-looking woman, who appeared to treat her husband much as a sheepdog treats a favourite lamb.
‘He was very popular at court,’ said Granny. ‘I know that much.’
-‘Oh, yes. With the queen, at any rate.’
Everyone’s fairy godmother, for two pins. But a good soul, underneath it all. Kind to small furry animals. The sort of person who worried about baby birds falling out of nests.
She struggled up through the weeds, incoherent with rage, and rose from the ditch like Venus Anadyomene, only older and with more duckweed.
She’d never mastered the talent for apologizing, but she appreciated it in other people.
The woman was looking at him again, turning her head this way and that and narrowing her eyes. She kept glancing at Fool and back to Tomjon.
It was a rich and wonderful voice, with every diphthong gliding beautifully into place. It was a golden brown voice.
The man was clearly mad, but at the heart of his madness was a dreadful cold sanity, a core of pure interstellar ice in the centre of the furnace.
‘She had a sweet tooth. Lived in a real gingerbread cottage. Couple of kids shoved her in her own oven at the end. Shocking.’
‘He doesn’t seem to like the place much.’
‘Of course he does. It’s in his blood.’
‘I brought him the pretty way. He didn’t seem very impressed.’
Death adjusted his cardboard skull in front of the mirror, twitched his cowl into a suitable shape, stood back and considered the general effect.
Her black shawl billowed around her like the wings of an avenging angel, come to rid the world of all that was foolishness and pretence and artifice and sham.
...over the centuries the chain mail of the palace guards has had to be handed down from one generation to another...This one made him look like a bullet-proof bloodhound.
For a moment he thought he saw, faint as a mist, a tall sad man in front of him, stretching out a hand in supplication.
Months of pumping ectoplasm had left him in better shape than he had ever been, apart from being dead.
He was at least of average height, but he made himself small
'His mouth says the words, and his eyes say something else. And I got the impression he’d much rather we believed his eyes.’
The singing wasn’t particularly good. The only word the singer appeared to know was ‘la’, but she was making it work hard.
...put those who met him in mind of some sort of lizard, possibly the type that lives on volcanic islands, moves once a day, has a vestigial third eye and blinks on a monthly basis
They say when they go to talk to him he just stares at them and giggles and rubs his hand and twitches a bit.’
...a large fat man who had been badly savaged by a moustache.
Shadows seemed to move across his face; his eyes sank, his lips drew back from his teeth, his skin stretched and paled.
The old woman had been a great collector of such things and, most unusually, had written them down; witches didn’t normally have much use for literacy.
Its funny lips curled back. There was absolutely nothing funny about its teeth.
Its ears were a couple of perforated stubs, its eyes two yellow slits of easy-going malevolence, its tail a twitching series of question marks as it stared at him.
Above the hearth was a huge pokerwork sign saying ‘Mother’. No tyrant in the whole history of the world had ever achieved a domination so complete.

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