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Can you name these words and terms relating to Wellington for each letter of the alphabet?

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AWellington succeeded this city as New Zealand's capital.
BThis government building is one of the largest wooden buildings in the world.
CWellington borders this strait.
DWellington is named after Arthur Wellesley, who had this title.
EThis bay is located in Wellington Harbour at the north end of Wellington International Airport.
FThis comedy duo starred in an HBO series.
GWellington boots are known as this in Wellington.
HThis is Wellington's rugby union team which plays in the Super Rugby competition.
IThis ferry sails between Wellington and Picton, in the South Island.
JThis man directed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.
KThis coastline is located just to the north of Wellington.
LThis street, formerly known as Beach Street, is the 'heart' of the central business district.
MThis scientist is known for discovering conductive polymers.
NWellington in on this major island of New Zealand.
OThis is name of the suburb and bay located near the central business district on Wellington Harbour.
PThis association football club plays in Australia's A-League.
QThis is a hill located at Makara, near Wellington.
RThis man was the keyboardist for the Split Enz.
SThis island is located in Wellington Harbour
TThis is the national museum, roughly translated as 'Our Place.'
UThis man was the captain of the All Blacks in 2004.
VThis university was named after the former Queen.
WWellington is known for this extreme weather.
XThis company develops accounting software for businesses.
YThis is one of Wellington's colours, black being the other.
ZThis is a protected natural area named after the country.

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