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Cape Town is on the shores of which ocean? 
What is the name of the flat-topped mountain and national part within the city? 
What is the name colloquially given to the strip of cloud that forms on the top of the mountain? 
What is the name of the island off the coast of the city ,which was used as a penitentiary for political prisoners, such as Nelson Mandela, during the apartheid? 
What is the name commonly given to the naturally occurring amphitheatre-shaped area home to the city centre? 
Pretoria is the executive capital of South Africa; Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. Which capital is Cape Town? 
Cape Town is also the capital of which province, with a cardinal direction in its name? 
What demonym is used to describe citizens of the city? 
Cape Town is home to many ethnicities, and many citizens are mixed race. What is the name given to mixed race communities in the city? 
Cape Town International Airport is the main airport to serve the city. What is the IATA code for this airport? 
Before the Dutch and the English settled there, which European nation was the first to discover the location where the city is, giving it the name Cape of Storms? 
The cape was later renamed by the king of that nation. What is the current name of the cape? 
The Europeans stopped at the cape on the way to which important region of the world? 
What year was Cape Town founded? 
During the apartheid, over 60,000 residents of which residential area were forcibly removed, and the area was bulldozed and declared a white-only area? 
What is the name of one of the two soccer clubs from the city that play in the Premier Soccer League? 
What is the name of the cricket team from the city that takes part in the Supersport and Standard Bank Cup Series? 
What is the name of the rugby team from the city which plays in the Super Rugby competition? 
What is the name of the cycling event held annually in the city, which was the first outside of Europe to be included in the Union Cycliste Internationale's Golden Bike Series? 
Which suburb is home to a cricket ground and a rugby stadium, both named after the suburb? 

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