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Can you name the 99 overalls in Madden Ultimate Team 16?

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QB Falcons UL
QB Falcons Boss UL
QB Vikings UL
QB Vikings Boss UL
QB Steelers ROTY
QB Browns Golden Ticket
QB Browns Golden Ticket 2.0
QB Eagles Hoops Stars
QB Broncos UL
QB Broncos Boss UL
QB Colts Career Legacy
QB Free Agent Campus Hero
QB Free Agent Golden Ticket
QB Titans Campus Hero
QB Panthers Golden Ticket
QB Patriots Positional Hero
QB Patriots Golden Ticket
QB Cowboys Golden Ticket
QB 49ers On The Fifty
QB 49ers UL
QB 49ers Boss UL
QB Colts Top Draft Pick
QB Raiders Golden Ticket
QB Seahawks Golden Ticket
QB Packers 4th of July
HB Jaguars 4th of July
HB Steelers Final Edition
HB Raiders Golden Ticket
HB Raiders Ultimate Master
HB Free Agent Campus Hero
HB Cowboys Golden Ticket
HB Broncos Flashback
HB Raiders Ultimate Freeze
HB Chargers UL
HB Chargers Boss UL
HB Eagles/Titans Movers
HB Colts All Rookie
HB Vikings Golden Ticket
HB Vikings Positional Hero
HB Rams UL
HB Rams Boss UL
HB Broncos Draft Sleeper
HB Raiders Golden Ticket
HB Lions Gold Medal
HB Titans Combine
HB Cowboys UL
HB Cowboys Boss UL
HB Bears UL
HB Bears Boss UL
HB Seahawks Gauntlet
FB Chiefs Style Master
FB Chargers UL
FB Chargers Boss UL
WR Panthers 4th of July
WR Jets 4th of July
WR Lions UL
WR Lions Boss UL
WR Lions Golden Ticket
WR Eagles Golden Ticket
WR Falcons Madden 25 Throwback
WR Giants MUT Master
WR Giants ROTY
WR 49ers UL
WR 49ers Boss UL
WR Falcons Positional Hero
WR Cardinals Memorial Day
WR Cardinals Final Edition
WR Buccaneers Memorial Day
WR Buccaneers Golden Ticket
WR Raiders Campus Hero
WR Cowboys Golden Ticket
WR Cowboys Boss UL
WR Lions Boss UL
WR Steelers Draft Sleeper
WR Cowboys Golden Ticket
WR Cowboys Playmaker
WR Texans Flashback
WR Bills UL
WR Bills Boss UL
TE Patriots UL
TE Patriots Boss UL
TE Patriots Golden Ticket
TE Chiefs UL
TE Chiefs Boss UL
TE Bears/Patriots Movers
TE Chargers Boss UL
LT Cowboys Position Hero
LT Browns Top Draft Pick
LT Rams Boss UL
LT Redskins Signature
LG Seahawks Boss UL
LG Broncos/Cardinals Movers
C Cowboys Final Edition
C Steelers UL
C Steelers Boss UL
RG Cowboys UL
RG Cowboys Boss UL
RT Steelers Memorial Day
RT Browns/Chiefs Movers
RT Ravens UL
RT Ravens Boss UL
LE Texans UL
LE Texans Boss UL
LE Giants Career Legacy
LE Titans UL
LE Titans Boss UL
LE Eagles UL
LE Eagles Boss UL
LE Panthers ROTY
LE Jets Final Edition
LE Giants UL
LE Giants Boss UL
LE Texans Top Draft Pick
LE Dolphins Boss UL
RE Bills UL
RE Bills Boss UL
RE Rams UL
RE Rams Boss UL
RE Jaguars Memorial Day
RE Raiders Positional Hero
RE Texans Golden Ticket
RE Texans Campus Hero
DT Panthers Positional Hero
DT Vikings Boss UL
DT Bengals Draft Sleeper
DT Packers UL
DT Packers Boss UL
DT Giants Movers
DT Steelers Super Bowl
DT Steelers UL
DT Steelers Boss UL
LOLB Broncos Top Draft Pick
LOLB Raiders Movers
LOLB Buccaneers UL
LOLB Buccaneers Boss UL
MLB Chiefs Final Edition
MLB 49ers Draft Sleeper
MLB Panthers Campus Hero
MLB Ravens UL
MLB Ravens Boss UL
MLB Chargers OOP Golden Ticket
MLB Seahawks Golden Ticket
MLB Dolphins Boss UL
ROLB Steelers UL
ROLB Steelers Boss UL
ROLB Steelers UL
ROLB Steelers Boss UL
ROLB Giants UL
ROLB Giants Boss UL
ROLB Steelers 4th of July
ROLB Broncos Memorial Day
ROLB Jaguars Golden Ticket
ROLB Cowboys Golden Ticket
ROLB Ravens Boss UL
CB Jets UL
CB Jets Boss UL
CB Broncos Golden Ticket
CB Steelers Boss UL
CB Jets Boss UL
CB Chargers Golden Ticket
CB Jets Golden Ticket 2.0
CB Cowboys Golden Ticket
CB Falcons Golden Ticket 2.0
CB Falcons Primetime
CB 49ers UL
CB 49ers Boss UL
CB Ravens Golden Ticket
CB Buccaneers UL
CB Buccaneers Boss UL
CB Ravens Golden Ticket
CB Chiefs Golden Ticket
CB Seahawks Golden Ticket
CB Giants Golden Ticket
CB Redskins Movers
CB Panthers Positional Hero
CB Rams UL
CB Rams Boss UL
FS Ravens Movers
FS Raiders Career Legacy
FS Redskins UL
FS Redskins Boss UL
FS Redskins Golden Ticket
FS Ravens UL
FS Ravens Boss UL
FS Seahawks Final Edition
FS Eagles All Rookie
FS Cardinals Golden Ticket
SS Seahawks Golden Ticket
SS Seahawks Silver Medal
SS Lions Easter
SS Raiders OOP Golden Ticket
SS Patriots 4th of July
SS Chiefs Campus Hero
SS Raiders UL
SS Raiders Boss UL
SS Raiders Golden Ticket
SS Giants Golden Ticket
K Colts Positional Hero
P Raiders Positional Hero

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