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On which side of the road must drivers in New Zealand drive on?
After the passing of steve jobs in 2011, who is Apple's NEW CEO?
What was the name of Adolf Hitler's German Shepherd?
Highest ever grossing film?
What is the chemical formula of chromium?
What is the Highest grossing company in the world?
In what year did world war II end?
What is the capital of Argentina?
Who is the Creator of the world famous site 'FACEBOOK.COM' ?
In which city is the UK's largest Cathedral?
(fill in the gaps the) Chicago ........ are a baseball team
(fill in the gaps the) Chicago ........ are an American Football team
In which U.S state is Yellowstone National Park in?
To the nearest Million, what is the population on LIbya?
What is the official language of Finland?
Who wrote the 1925 novel 'The Great Gatsby'?
Which English football referee infamously gave one player 3 yellow cards in one game?
Which band has sold the highest number of albums ever?
In the NATO alphabet what is the term used for the letter 'G' ?
At the grand slam tennis event Wimbledon, who did Roger Federer defeat to win the Mens singles championship in 2009?
Who directed the film 'Catch me if you can'?
What is president Barack Obama's middle name?
What is the collective name for a group of Crows?
In the novel 'Oliver' by Charles Dickens, what does oliver famously ask for more of?
In 1888 what did John Dunlop invent?

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