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Who is our Prime Minister?Assumed the office 13 July 2016.
What is the largest lake in the UK?It stretches over 383kmĀ²
What is the biggest countyIt's got 4 seperate sub-counties!
What is the longest river?It stretches around 220 miles in length!
Who is Scotland's patron saint?He was a christian apostle!
What is the postcode of Buckingham Palace?It's in the centre of Southwest London!
Where is the Giant's Causeway?Basalt columns jut upwards out of the sea!
Highest mountain the British Isles?The altitude is 4413 ft (1,345 m)
What is the UK's tallest buildingStands at 1107 ft (350 m)
What is the national flower of Wales?It's close to the Welsh word leek.
What animal is protected by the Queen?You can be incarcerated for harming one.
What is the largest royal home in the world?It is the oldest too!
What's the lowest place in UK being 9 foot below sea level?It's in Cambridge.
What was the provincial capital of Roman Britain?It's in Southeast England.
What UK city did the industrial revolution start?They have just the right humidity.
What nationality was the late Roald Dahl?He was born in 1916!
What is the full name of the UK?It's been used since 1707!
Which UK city was the first to have their own fire brigade?First opened in 1824!
What is Scotland's national animal?It's been that way since the 12th century!

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