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General locationBoneHint
ThroatActs as movable base for the tongue
SkullHead the soccer ball with it
SkullWhen joined together, form the sides and roof of the cranium
SkullSides and base of skull
SkullTrapezoidal in shape and curved on itself
SkullHolds lower teeth in place
Shoulder girdleOnly long bone in body that lies horizontally
Shoulder girdleLatin for 'blade'
ThoraxAlso known as breastbone; resembles a dagger
Thorax24 total? Both true and false.
Vertebral columnImmediately inferior to skull
Vertebral columnLargest of movable parts of vertebral column
General locationBoneHint
Vertebral columnMiddle segment of vertebral column
ArmsRuns shoulder to elbow
ArmsMost medial to trunk of body in anatomical position
ArmsRuns parallel to ulna
HandsWhen you clench your fist, become prominent as knuckles
HandsLocated in the digits
PelvisForms the hip bone
PelvisExcept for slight support to pelvic organs, nearly useless
LegsMost proximal bone in leg
LegsAlso called kneepan
LegsLatin for 'brooch' because it resembles brooch/pin
FeetIn some other animals, it is called a hock

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