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[to Delta in reading challenge] 'Mimi Imfurst.'Season 3
'This is not my cup of soup. Cup of tea. Cup of, bowl of, what?'Season 6
'When in doubt, freak 'em out!'Season 4
'Trixie Mattel, haute couture? More like haute glue.'Season 7
'Jiggly Caliente, BMW: Body Made Wrong!'Season 4
'You had rolls all over the place in the back, it was disgusting!'Season 5
'I'm not actually that young, I'm just ignorant.'Season 7
'I'm too punk to wash my tights.'Season 6
'I'm the prettiest one... Now that Kenya's gone!'Season 4
'Prepare to gag on my eleganza!'Season 3
'This is a petite box. I don't think it's Michelle's.'Season 5
'I feel very uncomfortable right now.'Season 7
'What do you do successfully? Quickly!'Season 6 (Untucked)
'Coco Montrese. The face-crack of the century.'Season 5
'I'm gonna tell you a story about flats. No'Season 8
'One small corset plus another small corset equals one fat ass corset, bitch!'Season 4
'Donut come for me, because I'll destroy you. Get it? [laughs]'Season 8
[being stared at by RuPaul] 'Do I have something on my face?'Season 7
'You know what's ugly? Poverty.'Season 5
'Drag is not a contact sport!'Season 3, mentioned in Season 4
'Milk, your beauty and fashion is listed right on the side of your carton under 'Missing.''Season 6

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