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The day Zayn left (
Louis' football team
Four's 14th song
Harry's favorite hair styling
Niall's number of tattoos
Best Song Ever release day (
Who's Birthday? (12.01)
Who's Birthday? (01.02)
Who's Birthday? (29.08)
Who's Birthday? (13.09)
Who's Birthday? (24.12)
Recent Niall nickname
According to Billboard which 1d song should be a single ?
Harry's December of 2012 girlfriend
What Zayn bought to his parents?
Louis' brother:
Niall's nephew
Liam's girlfriend now
Who posted a fake naked photo?
Harry's goddaughter
Zayn's goddaughter
Who was injured by a sea ​​urchin?
Who rode a cow?
In 2015 Louis got a twitter fight with?
Who visited Carlo's Bakery in 2014?
Wrote a song for Ariana Grande's album?
All the love.
Most fans ship:
Snake habitat
The x is a kiss by the way ha it's not a mystery
Oh noooo, niall (game)
What was Zayn's costume in a New Year's Eve party?
Black & White Instagram pics
Butterfly tattoo
Loves Yorkshire tea
Liam's favourite club that's now closed
Was a caddy at the Golf Masters in Atlanta
Got a Joker costume
My hands, your hands tied up like _______. (two words)
Who's that shadow holding me a ________. (one word)
Can't believe you're packing your bags. Trying so hard not _________. (two words)
I'm broken. Do you hear me. I'm ________. (one word)
Louis used to work at:
If Liam wasn't in 1d he would be a:
When was 1d day? (
Harry's full name:
Liam's full name:
Niall's full name:
Zayn's full name:
Louis' full name:
Harry's dad:
Liam's dad:
Niall's dad:
Zayn's dad:
Louis' dad:
Harry's mom:
Liam's mom:
Niall's mom:
Zayn's mom:
Louis' mom:
Louis' stepfather #1
Louis' stepfather #2
Harry's stepfather
Harry's sister:
Zayn's sister #1
Zayn's sister #2
Zayn's sister #3
Niall's brother:
Liam's sister #1
Liam's sister #2
Louis' sister #1
Louis' sister #2 (father's side)
Louis' sister #3
Louis' sister #4
Louis' sister #5
Louis' sister #6
First album:
Second album:
Third album:
Fourth album:
The year (yyyy) Liam and Danielle Peazer broke up
Liam's favourite character in a movie:
Liam's best friend:
Louis' girlfriend from 2011 to 2015:
Where was Liam born? (city)
Where was Louis born? (city)
Where was Harry born? (city)
Where was Niall born? (city)
Where was Zayn born? (city)
Harry's X Factor audition song:
Niall's X Factor audition song:
Liam's X Factor audition song:
Zayn's X Factor audition song:
Louis' X Factor audition song:
Who was at the Harry Potter Experience in Orlando as an attendant?
Rollercoaster challenge: How many days are in a leap year? (Niall's answer - two words)
Moments, Little Things and 18 were written by:
They ended up in ______ place at The X Factor

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