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hy i put a fork in my moutho stands for you are dealing with another country
i put my hand in a volcanon stands for you put a part of your body on the table
i put my face in italyw stands for wrong
i put my shoulder on the the tabel- stands for correct
i put my hand on a paintingd stands for you put part of your body inside a hot thing
i put my leg inside a really hot hot springst stands for art
i put my face in germanyb stands for freezing ocean
i put my tummy in the indian oceana stands for different planet
i took a trip to marsa stands for a different planet
i put myself on a hot placĂȘ in californiat stands for hot planet
i put myself an venush stands for different universe
i put my forehead in a different universe called antdromadisi stands for the top of lhe sky
i put my pinky at the top of the sky
i put my chest on the tabelg stands for all the way to heaven
i put my butt on the island called heavens stands for plane
i put my musles on the plane
now read all the answers they will equal a few wordstype yes
did you read don't do bad thingstype yes
hey when you get of the yes's you look in every lol box and you find the letter you need and type ittype okay

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