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quoteblanksaid by...
im ____ intolerentSheldon
I don't want to play the gender card right now. You want to play a ___, let's play the 'let's not die' ___. Marlin
I'm feeling ___, and that's a big deal for me. Marlin
You think you can do these things, but you can't, ___Marlin
I can't afford any more ___ and you're one of those fish that causes ___Marlin
Hey, look,___. It is a party. Dory
I shall call him___and he shall be mine and he shall be my ____Dory
_____! Hoo ha haBloat, Gurgle and Bubbles
the______have my moneyDory
I wish I could speak ____... Dory
Hey. You guys made me ___Pearl
Why not just fry them up now and serve them with ___Marlin
quoteblanksaid by...
He never even knew his ____! Anchor
That's a pretty big ____.Pearl
you have been called forth to the summit of _______ to join with us in the fraternal bonds of tankhood! Bloat
No, no, no eating here tonight, you're on a ___! Dory
I'm ______Tad
Well, you can't never let anything ____ to him. Then nothing would ever ____ to himDory
Hey, that _____ was about to chargeMarlin
See this _____? It's actually shorter than all my other _____Pearl
fish are ____ not foodSharks
I'm a ____! They live in the AmazonDarla
Love a ___!Nigel

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