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Can you name the electronic artists from their songs?

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Fun Punch, Turbo Love, Shooting Stars
Learn to Recycle, Get Down My Dirty Street, Set Me Free
Mutiny, Streamline, Girl in the Fire
88:88, 14h54, 19h11
Rapture, Paste Back, J'aime Pas L'art
Fire, Mash Up, Your Music is Killing Me
Flashback, Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La, Limits
Call On Me, Tha Get Down, Pjanoo
Slip, Ghosts 'N' Stuff, Hi Friend
Do your Thing, Good Luck, Red Alert
Aerodynamic, One More Time, Da Funk
One Minute to Midnight, NewJack, Genesis
If I Know You, Talk Like That, Kicking and Screaming
Timewarp, Rock It, Splash
Sordid You, Storm Breaks, Time To Freak
Rombo, Butter, Awesome
I Think I Like That, Mars, Blood Splashing
Ironman, Destroyer, Wuble
Much Ado About Nothing Left, Choice, Sad But True
The Big Jump, Hey Boy Hey Girl, Galvanize
Home Zone, Zdarlight, Idealistic
To Hell With Gravity, Girls Get Down, Lights Music Stars
Paris, Heartbreaker, Bounce
You and I, Tommy Boy, Ready Steady
Amsterdam 02, My Eternity, Stay Close
Push and Rise, Fire Power, Flam Mode
Hold Her, Relativity, She Knows It
Get It, Worth It, Mr Sunbeam
Get This Feelin, 3 Minutes to Explain, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Ice Cream, Sweaty, The Lake

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