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Can you name the Skylanders Swap Force characters?

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'See Spot Burn!'
'Brace For The Mace!'
'No Gold, No Glory!'
'Nature Calls!'
'Burn To Be Wild!'
'Twists Of Fury!'
'Brace For Impact!'
'Silent But Deadly!'
'Fear The Fish!'
'The Beam Is Supreme!'
'The Perfect Swarm!'
'Blast and Furious!'
'If There's A Drill, There's A Way!'
'Born To Burn!'
'Blinded By The Light!'
'All Fired Up!'
'A Blaze Of Glory!'
'Can't Beat The Beetle!'
'Slice And Dice!'
'Volts And Lightning!'
'Fruit Punch!'
'Clobber And Slobber!'
'Crash And Burn!'
'Let's Roll!'
'Attract To Attack!'
''Go Ahead, Snake My Day!'
'Clear The Air!'
'Hawk And Awe!'
'The Luck Of The Claw!'
'Roll With The Punches!'
'Stay Cool!'
'Keepin It Cool!'
'Amp It Up!'
'Another Smash Hit!'
'Motion Of The Potion!'
'I'm The Bomb!'
'Eight Legs And No Pegs!'
'Bombs Away!'
'King Of The Sting!'
'For The Wind!'
'Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!'
'Whip Up A Storm!'
'Your Time Is Up!'
'It's Classified!'
'The Fix Is In!'
'It's Feedin' Time!'
'Straight To The Point!'
'Hide And Sleek!'
'Go Fish!'
'All Wound Up!'
'Shoot For The Stars!'

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