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What is the name of the festival that is to be held in Clock Town A:Carnival of the Moon B:Carnival of Time C:Carnival of Masks
Once it's completed, how tall will the festival tower at the carnival be? A:Two Stories B:Four Stories C:Six Stories
Who is the leader of the Bombers gang? A:Gorman B:Viscen C:Jim
What is the name of the mayor of Clock Town? A:Babour B:Cagour C:Dotour
What is the name of Clock Town's inn? A:Stockpile Inn B:Stop On Inn C:Stock Pot Inn
What is name of Anju's father? A:Padre B:Tortus C:Tertal
What is Anju, the innkeeper, bad at doing? A:Cleaning B:Writing Letters C:Cooking
What bad habit does Anju, the innkeeper, have? A:She's quick to apologize B:She's quick to get angry C:She's quick to break into tears
What is the name of the vintage milk sold at the Milk Bar? A:Romani Run B:Chateau Romani C:Chateau Moroni
What does the owner of the Bomb Shop call his mother? A:Old Lady B:Mother C:Mommy
How many mailboxes are there in Clock Town? A:Four B:Five C:Six
How many cow figurines are there in Clock Town? A:Eight B:Nine C:Ten
What is the name given to you by Romani, the girl at the ranch? A:Butterfly B:Cricket C:Grasshopper
What is the name of the song that Romani, the girl at the ranch, teach? A:Epona's Song B:Song of Healing C:Song of the Field
At what time does Romani, the ranch girl, wake up? A:Six B:Seven C:She never gets up
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What time does Romani, the girl at the ranch, go to bed? A:Seven B:Eight C:She doesn't sleep
What weapon does Romani, the girl at the ranch, use in practice? A:Slingshot B:Bow C:She doesn't use one
How many ballons does Romani, the girl at the ranch, use during practice? A:One B:Two C:She doesn't use balloons
How many cows are there at Romani Ranch? A:Two B:Three C:Four
How many cuccos are there in the barn at Romani Ranch? A:One B:Two C:There are none
Where does Cremia, manager of Romani Ranch, try to deliver her milk? A:Curiosity Shop B:Milk Bar C:Stock Pot Inn
Darmani is of which race? A:Deku Scrub B:Goron C:Zora
Mikau is of which race? A:Deku Scrub B:Goron C:Zora
How many members are there in the Zora band, The Indigo-go's? A:Four B:Five C:Six
What is the name of the singer in the Zora band, The Indigo-go's? A:Toto B:Lulu C:Ruto
How old is Tingle, the map salesman? A:15 B:25 C:35
What are the magic words that Tingle created? Tingle, Tingle...what? A:Abracadabra! B:Kookoo-Tingle-Rama! C:Kooloo-Limpah!
Is Tingle the mapmaker left-handed or right-handed? A:Left-handed B:Right-handed C:Ambidextrous
What color of trunks does Tingle the mapmaker wear? A:Yellow B:He doesn't wear any C:Red
What instrument does the Skull Kid play? A:Tin whistle B:Flute C:Ocarina

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