Hyrule Warriors All Weapons

Can you name the Hyrule Warriors All Weapons

Character/Weapon Class/How to GetWeapon
Link/Sword 1/Start with
Link/Sword 2/Legend Mode
Link/Sword 3/Adventure Mode
Link/Sword 8-bit/???
Link/Rod 1/Legend Mode
Link/Rod 2/Adventure Mode
Link/Rod 3/Adventure Mode
Link/Rod 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Link/Fairy 1/Adventure Mode
Link/Fairy 2/Adventure Mode
Link/Fairy 3/Adventure Mode
Link/Gauntlets 1/Adventure Mode
Link/Gauntlets 2/Adventure Mode
Link/Gauntlets 3/Adventure Mode
Link/Gauntlets 8-bit/Twilight Princess-DLC
Link/Sword/Legend Mode
Link/Horse 1/Master Quest-DLC
Link/Horse 2/Master Quest-DLC Drop
Link/Horse 3/Master Quest-DLC Drop
Link/Spinner 1/Amiibo
Link/Spinner 2/Amiibo-Drop
Link/Spinner 3/Amiibo-Drop
Impa/Knife:Sword 1/Unlock Impa
Impa/Knife:Sword 2/Legend Mode
Impa/Knife:Sword 3/Adventure Mode
Impa/Knife:Sword 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Impa/Naginata 1/Adventure
Impa/Naginata 2/Adventure
Impa/Naginata 3/Adventure
Sheik/Harp 1/Unlock Sheik
Sheik/Harp 2/Legend Mode
Sheik/Harp 3/Adventure Mode
Character/Weapon Class/How to GetWeapon
Sheik/Harp 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Lana/Tome:Book 1/Unlock Lana
Lana/Tome:Book 2/Legend Mode
Lana/Tome:Book 3/Adventure Mode
Lana/Tome:Book 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Lana/Spear 1/Legend Mode
Lana/Spear 2/Adventure Mode
Lana/Spear 3/Adventure Mode
Lana/Spear 8-bit/Twilight Princess-DLC
Lana/Gate 1/Adventure Mode
Lana/Gate 2/Adventure Mode
Lana/Gate 3/Adventure Mode
Zelda/Rapier 1/Unlock Zelda
Zelda/Rapier 2/Legend Mode
Zelda/Rapier 3/Adventure Mode
Zelda/Rapier 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Zelda/Baton 1/Adventure Mode
Zelda/Baton 2/Adventure Mode
Zelda/Baton 3/Adventure Mode
Zelda/Rod 1/Amiibo
Zelda/Rod 2/Amiibo-Drop
Zelda/Rod 3/Amiibo-Drop
Ganondorf/Swords 1/Unlock Ganondorf
Ganondorf/Swords 2/Adventure Mode
Ganondorf/Swords 3/Adventue Mode
Ganondorf/Swords 8-bit/Twilight Princess-DLC
Darunia/Hammer 1/Unlock Darunia
Darunia/Hammer 2/Adventure Mode
Darunia/Hammer 3/Adventure Mode
Ruto/Scale 1/Unlock Ruto
Ruto/Scale 2/Adventure Mode
Ruto/Scale 3/Adventure Mode
Character/Weapon Class/How to GetWeapon
Agitha/Parasol 1/Unlock Agitha
Agitha/Parasol 2/Adventure Mode
Agitha/Parasol 3/Adventure Mode
Agitha/Parasol 8-bit/Twilight Princess-DLC
Midna/Shackle 1/Unlcok Midna
Midna/Shackle 2/Adventure Mode
Midna/Shackle 3/Adventure Mode
Midna/Shackle 8-bit/Twilight Princess-DLC
Zant/Scimitars 1/Unlock Zant
Zant/Scimitars 2/Adventure Mode
Zant/Scimitars 3/Adventure Mode
Zant/Scimitars 8-bit/Twilight Princess DLC
Fi/Sword 1/Unlock Fi
Fi/Sword 2/Adventure Mode
Fi/Sword 3/Adventure Mode
Fi/Sword 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Ghirahim/Demon Sword 1/Unlock Ghirahim
Ghirahim/Demon Sword 2/Adventure Mode
Ghirahim/DemonSword 3/Adventure Mode
Ghirahim/Demon Sword 8-bit/Master Quest-DLC
Cia/Scepter 1/Update
Cia/ Scepter 2/Master Quest-DLC
Cia/Scepter 3/Master Quest-DLC
Volga/Spear 1/Update
Volga/Spear 2/Master Quest-DLC
Volga/Spear 3/Master Quest-DLC
Wizzro/Ring 1/Update
Wizzro/Ring 2/Master Quest-DLC
Wizzro/Ring 3/Master Quest-DLC
Twili Midna/Mirror 1/Twilight Princess-DLC
Twili Midna/Mirror 2/Twilight Princess-DLC Drop
Twili Midna/Mirror 3/Twilight Princess-DLC Drop
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