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 lots of scrolls means lots of weapons
 slither slither hiss hiss...im a snake
 all he ever does is eat
 just the EXACT opposite of who he really is
 Very Very shy and got her hair to be really long
 Kazekage at such young age
 Just like his master and his bushy brows
 The demon of his village
 jonin of the sand siblings
 saddly died before he could see his child
 i guess its safe to say that he likes to paint
 loves illusions
 the guys got four mouths! and a mechanic eye!
 little miss origami
 Lazy but smart
 all i can say is that its a pet
  he was a bird trapped in a cage
 she was bullied at the ninja academy
 There can be some disadvantages with having a sensitive nose
 Had to end a friendship because of romance
 He wanted to believe that he was trapped in a terrible genjutsu on THAT night
 easily mistaken for a girl
 such a heartless guy..but he has a core!
 hes a rappin' host
 Calm and collective and has a jacket that covers half his face
 got the first hokage's cells implanted in him
 Was the only survivor of Battle of Kikyo Pass
 .....Ultra bushy brow
 has four ponytails and one giant fan
 Likes to trade dead bodies that are improtant for money
 while on a mission, he recived a temproary blind spot
 only girl to take the responsibility of hokage
 the true meaning of immortal
 he loves puppets
 a beast without a tail
 just what is he? a plant?
 Minato and Kushina sacrificed their lives for him to live
 the niece of the fifth hokage's lover
 I swear, this kid'll fall down on his face from his huge scarf
 was once a boy named Yahiko
 Killed everything he had but his younger brother
 he's legendary and old and perverted

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