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former teacher of gaara
a genjutsu lover
The ultimate knuckle head genin
The genius of the Legendary Three Sennin
Shizune's uncle
He put the nine tails in Naruto
Youngest member of the akatsuki
first person to die from tsunade's 'cursed' neckalace
the medical ninja on team Minato
a ninja hound that is with kiba 24/7
the only person to tame a tailed beast with his eyes
He gave Kakashi his left eye
Mind transfer jutsu
jugo's first 'cage'
Orochimaru's right hand man
A pet that wears a pearl necklace
Has three different puppets, one for attack,defense and capturing
His not fat, just really chubby
the demon of the hidden mist
in love with the main character of this story
Tsunade's first hand medic
he is a space-time ninjutsu user other than minato,madara, and naruto
the only pair of twins in the sound four
Really good at directing chakra into one area
a ninja that can not use ninjutsu or genjutsu
he's a good boy
he's a puppet, literally
He got hate in place of love and disgrace in place of honor
A spiky aloe guy!
Former host of the one tailed beast
sensor type for taka
Carries around a giant fan
the third hokage's grandson
a caged bird
he IS the cursed mark
he loves water
a flute playin killa
he is physically the strongest of the sound four
A monk in training that was once had part of the nine tails in him
Hates being forgotten by his friends
Human dog
the bloodly habanero
the pretty boy
huge scrolls mean lots of weapons which means she looves tools
The famous copy cat ninja
He's a ladies man
The lazy smart Chunnin
Erased all his emotions except for his feelings for his brother
he can control someone without them knowing
remember kids! smoking kills!!
a rappin' host
onward with the power of youth
a monkey the Hiruzen summons
probably the smartest of the sound four

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