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A theif/bandit who was terribly burned everywhere.
The boy who likes Kagome in the present time.
An exterminator that was stabbed by her own brother.
An attachment of Naraku that uses origami cranes.
The woman that died twice.
The eighth detachment of Naraku.
The modern girl that can go back in time.
A young girl that tried to kill her younger brother Sintaru to get even for dying in a fire.
Rival of Inuyasha.
A demon that lives in his brother Juromaru.
He had a mask and chains when he was first seen.
A half demon that looks after the field of medial plants his father left him with his mother.
The emotionless girl that sucks the soul of humans into a mirror.
Annoying imp demon.
Naraku's heart
A full demon that spared a little human girl's life.
Sango's two-tailed cat demon.
A perverted monk.
Inuyasha's mother.
The one held responsible for Kikyo and Inuyasha's death.
A wind demon that was born from Naraku.
a horned demon that has the ability to read minds.
Little sister of Kikyo.
Little flea demon
A small fox demon that Inuyasha and Kagome met in a graveyard.
A human monk that defeated Moryomaru then killed by Hakudosi
Maker of the Shikon no Tama
Kagome's cat
Once a puppet without emotion,will or personality, until he fell into the care of Kanna.
A half demon that got pinned to a tree by his lover.
A boy that died and was resurrected by Naraku.
A young otter demon that carries her fathers dead head.
Blacksmith of the Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga.
The first to be resurrected my Sesshomaru.

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