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Stuns people
Shoots a snake from your wand
Slashes your opponent
Ties up opppnent with invisible rope
Instantly kills opponent
Controls your opponent
Puts your opponent through a lot of pain
Tickles your opponent
it shows magical properties in objects
summoning charm
shoots water from your wand
magically unlocks doors
counter spell of alohomora
cuts or rips objects
causes someone or something to swell
causes objects to vanish
protects you from dementors and lethifolds
disarms your opponent
causes steps on a stairway to turn to a ramp
causes someones tongue to stick to the roof of your mouth
allows you to see someones thoughts
counter-curse of levicorpus
creates a flock of birds
causes objects to attack
conjures up flowers
binds the body together
the wand becomes a compass by pointing north
protects against dark magic
counter-curse of engorgio
keeps muggles away
turns boggarts into a happy form
cleans something up
fixes something
forces your opponent to dance
launches small objects through the air
keeps people from hearing things
conjures up the dark mark
produces a light from the tip of the wand
counter-spell of lumos
ties someone up
produces fire
duplicates an object
causes your opponent to be covered in boils
undoes many hexes and jinxes
causes objects to explode
heals minor injuries
makes objects hard
conjures up a very powerful wind
causes your opponents teeth to grow fast
causes objects to explode into flames

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