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No way..! Not at all! I always beat up the boys who made fun of me and crushed them like tomatos!
This child intruges me to no end.
In the beginning it was for you...I alone spent many years working out this jutsu for you.
You can also obtain the mangekyou sharingan as me, but there is a requirement, you must kill your closest friend.
What do you think a human life is?!
Sakura, I won't lose to you.
I'm not fat! I'm HUSKY!!!!!
I'll call it, Whack-A-Mole no Jutsu!!!!!!
Tobi's a good boy.
The leaf lotus blooms twice.
My first impression is...I don't like you guys!!
QuotesWho they are
I can't walk on my own..but I can fly.
Naruto-kun, in the past i was the only one looking..but right now you are.....
You can only read inside each other's minds when your fists meet.
I knew it, i hate smoking..the smoke always gets in my eyes.
Kiba and Shikamaru... always said moms were scary
It's 'cuz of my training, before he met me he couldn't do a thing!
The next time we meet we'll be putting the title of kage on the line.
Onward with the power of youth!!!!!!
Akamaru, you fought well. We were able to delay for quite a while because of you.
Ah yes.. One more person joined my capture list.
Naruto saved me from the darkness.

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