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avatarair nomads
last waterbender in southern water tribewater tribes
only son of hakoda and kyawater tribes
inventor of metalbendingearth kingdom
crowned prince of the fire nationfire nation
leader of the kyoshi warriorsearth kingdom
fire lord ozais favorite childfire nation
grand lotus and inventor of lighting redirectionfire nation
fire lord and briefly phoenix kingfire nation
skilled in the use of stilettosfire nation
is able to temporarily paralyze peoplefire nation
head of the dai liearth kingdom
former avatarfire nation
former avatarearth kingdom
former avatarwater tribes
former avatarair nomads
chief of the southern water tribewater tribes
princess of northern water tribewater tribes
killed the moon spiritfire nation
king of omashuearth kingdom
waterbending master and step-grandfather of katara and sokka water tribes
known as the deserterfire nation
protector of the foggy swampwater tribes
sword masterfire nation
inventor of bloodbendingwater tribes
son of tyroearth kingdom
kidnapped toph bei fongearth kingdom
owner of a flower shop in misty palms oasisearth kingdom
also known as sparky sparky boom manfire nation
was rescued by sokka and zuko along with suki and hakoda in the boiling rockfire nation
aangs masterair nomads
leader of the freedom fightersearth kingdom
master archerearth kingdom
only known female freedom fighterearth kingdom
strongest member of the freedom fightersearth kingdom
youngest member of the freedom fightersearth kingdom

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