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The Yellow Flash
Main Character
Third Hokage
Founder of the Uchiha clan
______ of the Red Sand
Former teacher of the Main Character
Main Character's Rival's Brother
Crystal Release User
'Pervy Sage'
Only Wood Release User alive
'Legendary Sucker'
'Tailed Beast without a Tail'
Leader of Akatsuki
Only female ninja in Akatsuki
Female member of the Yamanaka Clan
Copy Ninja
The youngest member of Akatsuki
Pink haired member of Team7
Has a crush in the Main Character
Rival of the Main Character
Demon of the Hidden Mist
Akatsuki's spy
Leader of Otagakure
Legedary Sucker's apprentice
Hyƫga Clan's natural genius
Best friends with Kimimaro
The smartest Sound 4 member
Member of the Inuzuka Dog-User clan
The Second Hokage
Loves to eat
Son of the Third Hokage
Fifth Kazekage
Only one in the Sound 4 who are twins
Pein's Deva path
Tokubetsu Jonin; fond of blood
Member of the Aburame bug-user clan
Grandson of the Third Hokage
The strongest member of the Sound 4
Sand girl that uses a fan
Member of Akatsuki loves money
Only female member of the Sound 4
Can only do Taijutsu
Kazekage's brother
Konoha's Noble Green Beast
Immortal member of the Akatsuki
Leader of the Sound 5
Great weapon user
Otogakure's second in command
Main Character's rival's father
Main Character's rival's mother
Jinchuuriki of the Eight Tailed Beast
Strongest ninja ever!!!
Demon of the Hidden Mist's apprentice
Fifth Mizukage
Red haired member of Hawk
The First Hokage!!!
Water guy of Hawk
Likes to sleep, shadow jutsus
Main Character's Mother
Former Leader of the Sand Siblings
Painting guy of anbu root
Hokage while previous hokage was in coma
Who the copycat ninja got his sharingan from
Girl member of copycat ninja's team before
Jonin of Team 8
New Member of Team 7's 'brother'

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