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who is the youngest member?
who is the visual?
who is from gwangju
who can draw?
whos english is really bad?
who the 'pervy' member?
which member is very flexible?
what is jungkooks real name (korean spelling)
who featured on cypher pt 3?
who used to work on a farm?
who went back to the place they were supposed to perform at but couldnt because he was ill?
who has the nickname muscle pig?
who are in the rap line? (age order)
who are in the dance line? (age order)
whos nickname is chimchim?
who wrote just one day?
who wrote hold me tight?
in the i need u mv who wore red plaid?
in the war of hormone mv who gets a hug at the end?
who had to run on a treadmill in a red dress?
who throws a baseball in the no more dream mv?
when did they debut? (month and year)
which member is bffs with got7s jackson?
what company are they under?
whats their debut song?
whats their most popular song?
when is jimins birthday?
whos nickname is shoulder hyung?
who is the member that fixes things?
who is the member that breaks things?
who covered 'i love you'?
who doesnt have any peircings?
who is car door guy?
who went to la alone?
finish the line: i want to be your oppa im so...
which two members are from daegu?
who was a prefect in school?
whos obsessed with red converse?
who does the high notes?
whos the dancer?
who likes to exercise?
whos considered the most manly?
who ate a load of sweets at once as punishment?
which members pretended to be priests?
who falls off a chair in a just one day performance?
who hates doing aegyo?
who cheated on the origami challenge but got caught?
which member was part of a dance troupe?
who went to acting school?
what does bts stand for?

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