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QUIZ: Can you name the words with the letters a, o, and k in that particular order by the given hints?

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Cobra-like Pokémon that evolves from Ekans
An edible plant known for its thistlelike flower heads
Paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, etc.
Thailand's capital and most populous city
A standstill where an ultimatum cannot be reached
Baseball team of Phoenix, AZ
Popular social networking website founded in 2004
Relative of the cod and common seafood entrée
Swinging bed commonly used for outdoor relaxation
Manual or guide containing useful information
Suffering from overwhelming distress, often over love
Tall, cotton-producing tree found in rainforests
The object of jokes and mockery
Ground-dwelling American songbird
The creature depicted in NBC's colorful logo
Wild boar, nickname of student at University of Arkansas
Barricade or obstruction preventing escape or passage
Clover-resembling plant, often associated with St. Patrick
A sorceror or magician
Capital city of Côte d'Ivoire
A 'water possum' indigenous to Latin America
An annual publication in schools, traditionally 'signed' by classmates

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