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Can you name the trivia about NBA superstar Brian Scalabrine?

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When (year) was Brian Scalabrine born?
What college did Brian Scalabrine attended?
What state does Scal reside in?
What number selection of the draft was Scalabrine?
What year was he drafted in?
What team selected him in this draft?
What number did he wear with this team until 2005?
What team did Scal play for from 2005-09?
What number did he wear with this team?
What is the most recent NBA team that he played on?
What number did he wear with this team?
What country did Scalabrine play in during the NBA lockout?
What season did Scalabrine win his NBA Finals ring in?
How many minutes did Scalabrine play in this Finals?
What is Scalabrine's best average for PPG (Round to nearest whole number)?
How many points is his career high?
What is Scal's listed height?
In which year did Scal marry?
What is Scalabrine's primary position?
What is Scal's nickname?
Who won a championship ring first: LeBron James or Brian Scalabrine?

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