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Can you name the words in this billion-theme follow direction quiz?

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Forced Order
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Remove the last occurrence of the antonym for 'off'
Replace each 'I' with 'K'
Switch the first and fourth letters
Add an 'R' after each vowel
Delete the second occurrence of each repeated letter
Add the capital of Italy between the third and fourth letters
Switch each 'R' and 'O'
Delete the prefix that means 'new'
Replace 'me' with 'you'
Make the chemical symbol of bromine that of scandium
Add the last letter of the alphabet after the fifth letter
Delete the letter that comes alphabetically second as of now
Delete the pronoun
Switch the 'O' to an 'A'
Replace the former Russian leader with 'PARK'
Replace Noah's famous structure with 'PORK'
Delete one occurrence of a repeated letter
Add the most commonly used letter at the end
Switch the 'K' to the atomic symbol of carbon

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