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Can you name the words that begin with the letters 'ban-' by the hint given?

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Brand that protects cuts and scrapes
A copycat jumps on the ___
A handrail on a staircase
India's fifth most populated city
Exiled; Shakespeare's Romeo was ___ after slaying Tybalt
Stringed instrument traditionally used in bluegrass
Surname of the Hulk
Frito Chips bandit mascot
Meaning 'ten thousand years' in Japanese; a charging attack
Common recipes with this food include ___ split and ___ bread
Where money or soil is deposited
Cloth used for headgear or neck wear
Ceremony or celebration
Small, market town and school in the UK
The capital and largest city of Thailand
Possessing rings around the body; procedes water snake or honeyeater
The main villain in the newest Batman film
A large fig tree mainly found in Southern Asia
A small feisty creature, usually a chicken
Country formerly known as East Pakistan

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