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Can you name your fellow house mates, exes and past hook-ups based on a brief description of them?

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On Real World Bad Blood, this Female was hooking up with Tori's boyfriend, Mike.
This male listed on his AYTO audition bio that his jobs included fire-breather & fire spinner, model, dancer, personal trainer, and Barber.
This male made it to the finals on Rivals 3 after losing the first elimination
This well known challenger attended Penn State University
She was sent home following an incident in which she verbally and physically assaulted Jordan W.
She made it to the finals on her first 3 Challenges but never won first place.
Was stung by over a dozen wasps in Panama while trying to search for fruit.
This female made her television debut in 2010 on the 19th season of The Challenge: Fresh Meat II.
Dated Shanley for a while after falling for her on AYTO, but is now in a new relationship and a father.
Her only challenge win was as a team on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons
Despite never actually debuting on Fresh Meat or Fresh Meat II, they were a member of Team Fresh Meat on Battle of the Seasons.
He played Ben Bryant on 'If loving you is wrong' before returning back to the Challenge for Champs Vs. Pros and now XXX.
Once a chemical plant worker who is originally from Louisiana before going on the Real World. Now he has two daughters with two different women.
One of the only two males that have competed on The Challenge with all of their former roommates.
She and MJ are the only cast members that have been used as replacements on The Challenge twice.
This male was disqualified for failing to alternate breaking through each floor during a rivals 2 elimination.
She was working as a pop culture reporter in Astoria, New York when she was casted on Are You the One.
He holds the record for most consecutive daily mission wins with eight.
The only cast member to be disqualified from The Challenge twice due to her partners' actions.
Her perfect match was Adam K on Are You the One Season One, but she fell for Chris instead.

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