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Can you name the missing word from these famous scientists?

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HintMissing WordYear/Field
Albert _____ 1879-1955 Physics
Jonas _____1914-1995 Medicine
Antoine _____1743-1794 Chemistry
Marie _____1867-1934 Chemistry
Charles _____1809-1882 Biology
Louis _____1822-1895 Medicine
Isaac _____1643-1727 Physics/Mathematics
_____ Galilei1564-1642 Astronomy
Neils _____1885- 1962 Physics
Antonie van _____1632–1723 Biology
HintMissing WordYear/Field
Nicolaus _____1473- 1543 Astronomy
Robert _____1843- 1910 Medicine
Ernest _____1871- 1937 Chemistry/Physics
Johannes _____1571- 1630 Astronomy
Ignaz _____1818- 1865 Medicine
Stephen _____b. 1942 Physics
Carl _____1707- 1775 Biology
Wilhelm Conrad _____1845 - 1923 Physics
Jane _____b. 1934 Biology
Alan _____1912-1954 Mathematician

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